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Nikhil V.

Chapel Hill, NC


Co-Founder of Educational Technology Nonprofit Onclass. 3.9 GPA. CS/Statistics double major. 7 years of tutoring experience.

Hey! I’m a sophomore double majoring in Computer Science and Statistics with a minor in Entrepreneurship. At UNC, I’m a Chancellor’s Carolina Scholar and an Honors Carolina student on the Dean’s List (3.9 GPA). I love coding and working for my community, and I’m a proud advocate for nonprofit organizations and volunteerism! Being able to develop and create inspiring robots and programs provides me with the ability to truly impact my fellow community of educators, innovators, and leaders for the future. I’m always up for an adventure and I believe that teaching is learning, so send me a message and let’s get cracking! Public and private tutor with 7 years of experience. Started and developed an educational technology and tutoring nonprofit in the Bay Area, Onclass, which has served over 22,000 students to date. Also co-founded OneTeach, a private tutoring company specializing in intensive one-on-one peer college counseling. At UNC, currently a proud member of HackNC, CS+SG, CARVR, OSSA, AASA, Pearl Hacks, CADS, and IOP. I specialize in underwater basketweaving and massages. In my free time, I get stuck between rocks and hard places.


Weekdays: Afternoon for the most part. Contact me for specifics. Weekends: Whole day. Contact me for specifics.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill