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Physics graduate student and TA. B.S. in physics and math from a top 15 university. Tutored since high school. Here to help!

Hello! I am a first year physics graduate student at UF. I got my B.S. in physics and math from Rice University. I worked for CERN throughout my undergrad and will continue work to work with them until I get my PhD. I have a passion for teaching and helping students. I have tutored throughout high school, taught my own courses as an undergrad at Rice, and now I TA 2nd semester physics lab. I have helped students turn their C's into A's and I am very passionate about getting students to truly understand the material and succeed. Private tutor for 3 years in high school. Tutored on and off in undergrad. Taught my own course for 2 years in undergrad. Currently TA for PHY 2054L (2nd semester pre-med physics lab). I'm the only reason my fianceé passed her pre-med physics courses. I have a ton of experience in all facets of mathematics and physics, including at the most basic level. My specialty is breaking down the concepts so that anyone can really understand what is going on. I am about as much of a normal person as a physics grad student can get and I understand that, hey, sometimes physics and math really suck. But we'll get through it together. And maybe by the end it'll suck just a little less.


Most days after 6 pm. Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays all day.


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