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Nathan W.

Atlanta, GA


My name is Nathan. I’m a future med student, did great on the MCAT, and especially knowledgeable in chem, biochem, and neuro!

I just graduated in CS and premed; GPA 3.77, but 3.89 in the sciences. Took the MCAT in May 2018, and scored 525 (99-100 percentile). I’m currently in my gap year and working as an EMT and tutoring AP subjects on the side. I’m hoping to be a cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon! I’ve helped friends and formally tutored before; all the sciences are very fresh on my mind because I started premed in junior year and have continued studying many of the topics after graduation. I am currently tutoring AP physics, chemistry, and biology. Aside from being a go-to person among friends for help with these subjects, I tutored someone in PHYS 2211 in summer 2017. I am a licensed Advanced EMT, and a CS/premed “hybrid”! I have continued reading about topics including neurology and cardiology in my spare time


Sunday evening - Tuesday. Flexible, can often do Wednesday or Saturday with prior notice.


Georgia Institute of Technology