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Olivia K.

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Charlottesville, VA


Studying French and Linguistics with a 3.8 GPA. 3 years of tutoring experience. Can tutor any beginning/intermediate French.

Hey! I'm a second year in the College studying French and Linguistics. I completed through FREN 2020 in one year by studying abroad in France and gaining experience talking to French people. I now live in the French House and am able to practice my French everyday. I currently have a 3.8 GPA and have received an A or above in all my French classes. I have been tutoring language since I was in high school (tutoring Latin then) as well as some other subjects and have learned how to break down material and explain it in a way that is easier to understand than it often is in class. Please send me a message if you are interested; I can't wait to meet you!!o Private tutor for the past 3 years, tutoring a variety of subjects such as Latin, Math, and Chemistry, though am now focused on French in particular. Tutoring students one on one has taught me how to break material down to make it easier to understand and take my time as it can sometimes move too fast in class. I am always looking for new students so please message me if interested; I look forward to meeting you! Coming from an international family, being born in England and having family who live or have lived on almost every continent, I have always had a fascination with language and culture, but coming to UVA is what really peaked that interest. I was able to meet so many international students living in the IRC and then the French House. Also, studying abroad in France for six weeks is what really fueled my passion for French and made me want to keep continuing and working to become fluent one day. I can't wait to meet you and hopefully make you love French/language as much as I do!


Monday (12-6), Tuesday (2-6), Wednesday (12-4:30), Friday (anytime after 12), anytime Sat/Sun


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