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Olivia C.

Manhattan, KS


Biology/Pre-Med Major 97% in Chem 210 94% in Biol 198 Love helping/teaching others! Can help with math also VERY organized!

Hi! I’m a freshman majoring in biology and Pre-Medicine. I have always had a 4.0 and honestly love doing school work! I want to become a neurosurgeon or a pediatric surgeon. I really enjoy helping others learn things and finding different ways of approaching things so that everyone can understand it! I love doing math and tested out of the math courses up to Calculous 2 so I can also help with math!! I know how confusing these biology and chemistry courses can be for some people and I love to be able to simplify things and help clarify what you really need to know so you can be as successful as possible! I am very organized and have excellent studying techniques that I would love to teach to you so you can be more efficient in getting things done as well! Let’s get this done!! Send me a message or request!! :) I’m always tutoring my friends so I finally decided to get a little spare cash for doing it and be able to help even more people too!! I’m the last person you’d expect to be a total nerd but I actually really do love math and science!! I’m very sociable and love having a good time too!!


I am a night owl so am willing to go as late as you want! Mon: any time after 2pm Tues-Thurs: any time after 6pm Fri: 9:30am-12pm, 2pm-7pm Sat-Sun: any time all day!


Kansas State University