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Gage R.

Coyle, OK


Mathematics major, certifying in secondary education, currently researching in undergraduate math education.

Hello! I'm a Mathematics major with a strong love for education, and am currently doing coursework and research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education. I have tutored everything from fifth graders to undergrads, and always have had a love for seeing students grasp a concept. I'm usually found with my face in a textbook or research paper, but always find time to help whoever needs it. I hope to work with you soon! Private tutor intermittently since Junior year of high school, 5th-8th grade tutor for Moore Schools prior to that. Presently working in research on better expanding the abilities of students to understand concepts in Calculus, as well as self-efficacy. Taking education courses to become a secondary teacher as well. I am one of the biggest nerds and geeks alive, and love talking about nearly every subject.


Most Tuesdays and Thursdays after 3:30pm, Wednesdays, Sundays and, Fridays after 6:30pm, and Saturday is negotiable.


University of Oklahoma