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Parker B.

Austin, TX


Why pay $40 for a tutoring session with 50 other student when you can pay less money and get a great private tutor!

Hi! My name is Parker Burns and I am currently a sophomore in the Mays School of Business. I have a 3.9 GPA and received an A in all of the classes that I have listed on my page. I want everybody to succeed academically and participate in a variety of academic mentorship programs around college station. I'd love you help you too! I have been tutoring kids since about my sophomore year of high school. Right now I currently serve as an academic mentor to a freshman at A&M. I also volunteer to tutor at college hills baptist church once a week. I have a very solid understanding of mathematic concepts and really know how to explain it to people who don't come by it naturally. If you aren't a math person right now I will do my best to make you one!


My schedule is very open this semester and I can be available at a variety of times.


Texas A & M University-College Station

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