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Paul M.

Tuscaloosa, AL


UA Alum and former Graduate Teaching Assistant . I know the AMS and Political Science Department inside and out.

Magna Cum Laude graduate from UA. Double major in Political Science and American Studies and minor in American Lit. I got my masters in American Studies from UA. I have experience working as a tutor and peer mentor in the US Army and on campus at UA. I graduated in May 2017. I was always available during my office hours and regularly met with my students. Even after graduating I still keep in contact with my former students and help them with their academic needs. I help them with anything ranging from editing papers to graduate school prep. Fun fact, I was a combat engineer in the army. People hear “engineer” and think I built things or I’m great at math, the reality is I reverse engineered (blew stuff up) and I’m not great at math.


My schedule is wide open right now.


The University of Alabama

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