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Patrick L.

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Tuscaloosa, AL


Econ master. I took EC 308 and Honors EC 309 as a freshman, got an A in both. I explain Econ better than your teacher.

I am a senior working toward a masters degree in Economics. My college GPA is 3.7. I have been tutoring other students in Economics since I came to college. Economics is really a simple discipline, but most Econ professors are too academic (or don't know enough English) to explain it simply. If you don't understand Econ, come to me. I can explain it with simple, real-world examples. I have been tutoring since my Senior year of high school. I began by tutoring students for the ACT and SAT. Once I got to college, I began tutoring students (fraternity brothers) in Economics, because I had taken AP Econ in high school. I discovered that I was very good at it, that I could explain things better than the professors could. People began referring me to their friends and I have been tutoring ever since. Text me at (402) 682-2286 or email me at to set up an appointment.


Any weekend, any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.


The University of Alabama