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Philip W.

Auburn, AL


I'm a junior currently in Biomedical Sciences with a 4.0 GPA hoping to go to medical school

4.0 GPA, done well in all my classes, AP credit for most of these classes too, so on and so forth. I'd like to say I know most of the material in these classes backwards and forwards. I've been tutoring for about 4 years now. I started in high school tutoring for free through the National Honor Society and I moved into tutoring through Chegg for about 2 years where I had all positive reviews. But I think the best part of helping someone is watching that physical "ah-ha" moment, which is why I've moved onto here. I've got a lot of hobbies I really enjoy and am passionate about. The newest one I've picked up is woodburning Calvin and Hobbes strips.


Just contact me and we can set up a time. It's just easier this way. I'm free most evenings


Auburn University