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Offering knowledgeable, convenient, and reliable, tutoring with flexible hours at a extremely fair rate.


Biology Major • Chemistry & Anthropology Minor • Focus on Wetland Ecological • Senior • 3.7 GPA • Years of Field Research Experience • Future = PhD in Ecology, then teach at the College level • ***If you’re taking it, I can help you MASTER it*** I have tutored College Algebra for 3 years now and am looking to tutor more courses. I strive to ensure that everyone will be treated with the upmost respect and dignity. I understand that each individual has a distinct learning style, and some concepts are more difficult than others to grasp. My goal is to make sure you are confident on all concepts, and will be able to utilize them in your career. I promise to answer all questions, to the best of my ability, giving real life examples. I believe the best way to really grasp information is a combination of videos, graphs, diagrams, photos, and examples. I have a very unique way of processing information, and hope to enlighten you on my thought process.


ANY TIME = Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

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