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Robert C.

Tallahassee, FL


I'm a Presidential Scholar (top scholarship at FSU) and a JR. majoring in Biochem. I own my own tutoring company for SAT/ACT.

Have tutored for years and own my own tutoring company for the SAT and ACT (see Double Majoring in Biochemistry and Biology 4.000 GPA (have never gotten a B in my life) Presidential Scholar (top 25 student in my admissions cycle) Honors Program in pursuit of Outstanding Senior Scholar (graduating with Honors, Honors in the Major, and 3.9+ GPA) Researching Alzheimer's Disease at the College of Medicine Presented at 2 Research Conventions Currently working on a new biomedical device to treat Ectropion Victor Simon Memorial Scholarship Recipient FSU Legacy Scholarship Recipient Offered a 75% scholarship to UChicago (I swear I'm not super pretentious I just want you to know I'm a good tutor lol) Tutor for 4 years Watched all of Game of Thrones in under 2 weeks in preparation for Season 7


Always available


Florida State University