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Rebekah B.

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Murfreesboro, TN


Forensic Science Major 4.0 GPA, Dean’s list Experience with multiple years of Chemistry/BIology (High School, AP, 1110,1111)

Hey! I’m a Forensic Science major and a Junior. I have helped many people with understanding concepts and simplifying methods into easier to understand methods. I have currently aced all of my science courses and am good at Chemistry (AP chem, chemistry 1110,1111,1120,1121 and am currently in quantitative analysis) and biology (AP Bio, bio 1110,1111,1120,1121 and am currently im genetics). I have also taken FSCJ 4330 and RS 2300. I can explain harder things on easier levels that make more sense to me and could essentially help you to remember things. I like to come up with acronyms and funny words to help you remember facts and terms.


Monday & Wednesday 4pm-9pm Tuesday 6pm-9pm. Thursday 5:30pm-9pm. Friday 3pm-5pm


Middle Tennessee State University