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Robert A.

Storrs Mansfield, CT


Tutoring is a creative process. The search for the one, winning explanation that elicits "Aha!" is a task I greatly enjoy.

MS of Actuarial Science, UCONN. GPA 3.708 BA of Applied Mathematics, UNR. GPA 3.803 2017-2018: 1 Year as a Calculus II TA at UCONN 2016-2017: 1 Year as a Business Math TA, UCONN 2012-2015: 3 Years as a tutor for UNR I love learning all kinds of languages.


Currently, I tutor at the UCONN campus at the Homer Babbidge Library. I am available at any time during the week, Sunday through Saturday, from 9 to 5, except for 10-12 on Tuesday.