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Robin P.

College Station, TX


Howdy! I am currently a student at TAMU majoring in GIST, I enjoy programming also.

My major is GIST and my minor work is in Computer Science. I have experience in ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ENVI, ArcPortal, QGIS, Arcpy, Quorum. I can code in C, C++, Python, SQL, and Arcade. I have had two GIS internships and I have been offered one more before my senior year. I am always enjoying helping students develop themselves academically and professionally.


Monday- 12:00-6:00 Tuesday- 3:00-8:00 Wednesday- 2:00-8:00 Thursday- 3:00-8:00 Friday- 12:00-9:00 Ask about Saturday or Sunday


Texas A & M University-College Station