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Rohil T.

Tampa, FL


Double majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. 4.0 GPA. Can tutor Calculus 1-3

Hi, I'm a freshman in the Honor Program at UF, double majoring in computer science and mathematics. I have a 4.0 GPA at UF, and was valedictorian of my high school. I took calculus starting my sophomore year in high school, and was actively involved in tutoring calculus and in math competitions. I tutored calculus my junior and senior years in high school (both 1 and 2), and have taken Calculus 3 at UF. With this experience, I've learned how to explain concepts well and help others understand problem-solving techniques, especially in calculus. Send me a request or message if you're interested. I've played the piano for about 10 years, and can play two other musical instruments as well. You can often find me biking around campus at UF.


Mostly Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the weekend, but feel free to message me with any day/time and I'll let you know if I'm available


University of Florida

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