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Ruhi P.

Berkeley, CAAvailable Online


CS Major with longtime experience in tutoring/teaching. Received A/A+ in courses listed, available for other CS courses too.

I’m a second year CS major with a 4.0 technical GPA, interning at Microsoft this summer and involved with ML research on campus. I can help with tech interview prep as well. My favorite courses to tutor in are Data Structures and Linear Algebra, but I enjoy teaching math/CS in general. 6 years tutoring experience (since high school). I do on-campus ML research and interned at a high growth startup last summer, will intern at Microsoft this summer. Have been on course staff for CS61B and 70. My favorite food is sushi!


Available Tues/Thurs mornings and Tues/Thurs evenings during the week. Available Fridays after 12 pm and all day during weekends.


University of California-Berkeley

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