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Sabrina C.

Overland Park, KS


Education and Spanish double major. 4.0 I love teaching and helping students learn this amazing language!

Hey guys! I’m double majoring in Secondary Education and Spanish because I want to be a high school Spanish teacher! I love helping students learn more about Spanish from vocabulary to conjugations to writing and speaking. I’m studying abroad this summer in Spain to improve my language skills and take classes to complete my major too! I’ve aced all my Spanish courses here at K-State and had the best Spanish high school teacher in the country (literally) :) can’t wait to work with you! I have worked with students as a mentor since my sophomore year of high school. I currently work for New Student Services and was a Wildcat Warmup Counselor this past summer too. I am currently taking three education courses that are benefitting me a lot! I look forward to working with you! I absolutely love education and will work with you one on one or in group settings which ever you prefer and will make sure you genuinely understand the material before you leave! I will be here to help you from your homework assignments to your final exam!


Monday’s from 1-5 Wednesday’s 9 am - 4 pm Friday’s 9 am - 6 pm Saturday’s and Sunday’s by appointment


Kansas State University

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