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Savannah C.

Starkville, MS


Senior Kinesiology major, 3.73 GPA. Dean's list and SEC athletic academic honor roll. Enjoys helping others do well!

I'm a senior Kinesiology major, 3.73 GPA, headed towards a career as a Physician Assistant! I got a 30 on the ACT and can help in most science courses. I am a former student athlete, earning a spot on the SEC academic athletic honor roll, and I know how hard balancing school and life is! I'm happy to help so message me and we can get started! Been tutoring for 6 years, all ages and all ranges of classes. I can move at your pace through subjects and encourage you along the way! I will graduate undergrad in 3 years so that's kinda fun!


MWF after 11. TR after 3:15. I can usually help Saturday and Sunday too if you need it!


Mississippi State University