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Sawyer R.

Snr math major with 19+ math classes (some grad level) and 2 yrs of calc tutoring under my belt. Love calc/diffeq!


Senior Math Major, 50+ hours of math credit through early graduate study with a 3.95 GPA. I have received accolades from OU for my math studies, from the MAA for my competitive math performances, and my research will soon be shown at the national level. My fav subjects are calculus and differential equations, and my favorite problems are those with applications to science and technology. I have been tutoring as an OU employee for 3+ semesters, and have done occasional private tutoring for 2+ years. I love Thai food


I am mostly available after 5pm on Mondays and Fridays, as well as after 4 on Weds and 3 on Thursday. I prefer not to tutor after 8. Weekend availability by request but limited.

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University of Oklahoma