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Igor B.

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Tampa, FL


I am a very well-rounded person, persistent, driven, and always looking for opportunities to help people achieve success.

I have been a tutor for economics in my previous school (Lee University) and I am currently a tutor for business calculus at USF. I am a finance major with a concentration in asset management and I choose finance because I love numbers and always had a strong passion for investing. I want to work for a global investment bank in wealth management/financial planning, because I want to help people create lives that allow them to have a comfortable retirement. I made the decision to finish my high school education in America when I was sixteen years old. After that, I went to Tennessee for my first two years of college and then transferred to USF as a junior. I didn’t have a support network in the United States. Far away from my parents, I realized I had to make my own decisions and create specific goals for myself. It made me grow a lot as a person and I believe that this experience will guide me in the future. Life is about challenges; beating them can be a great learning experience and one of the keys to personal and professional success.

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Mondays and Wednesdays - 8am to 12pm and 5pm to 12am Tuesday and Thursday - 8am to 12pm and 3:30pm to 12am Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Available all day


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