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Spenser K.

Fargo, ND


Psychology and French double-major. 3.0+ GPA. Have been learning French for 6 years and I have a very good understanding.

Bonjour! I am a Freshman double majoring in Psychology and French. I have been learning French for 6 years and I have a good understanding of all verb tenses as well as vocabulary. I have a 3.0+ GPA. I went to France this last summer, so I have first hand experience using French fluently. I love helping people understand and be able to use their French. I love listening to music, watching movies, both in French and English. I have a big family including 5 little nieces and a baby nephew that I care deeply for.


Monday,Wednesday, and Friday 5pm-9 pm. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 9am-10am. Possibly a weekend, if needed.


North Dakota State University

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