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Seamus W.

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Gainesville, FL


I am a Chemical Engineering major at the University of Florida. I use various approaches to help you understand the material

5 on AP calculus, 3 on AP chem (but I aced general chemistry that covers CHM1000 courses), I've tutored my peers throughout high school, and I am acing all my current classes. I'm looking to help others so they can ace their classes too. Since I was in 8th grade (total of 5 years) , I've been tutoring my peers through NHS and school run programs. The people I tutored often came to me after their exam, thanking me for their help. I am certain I can do the same here! From my 5 years experience, I found that each student has their own unique way of learning a subject. Because of this, you can't simply use the same approach to teaching for everyone. I utilize various techniques and approaches to find the best way to teach my peers.


I am available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday after 3PM, Tuesdays after 5, and all day Saturday and Sunday.


University of Florida

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