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Shada T.

Gainesville, FL


Student at UF, double majoring in CS and English. Can tutor Calc 1, ENC1101 and ENC1101 and can help with essays!

Double majoring in English and Computer Science. 4.0 GPA, working towards a job in software engineering. Freshman at UF. Previous tutoring experience at Kumon Math and Reading Center. Volunteered at hospital, special needs camp, and mosque. 1500 SAT, 33 ACT. National Merit Scholar, National AP Scholar, and Carson Scholar. Have associates’ degree. I have a full year of tutoring experience as a paid job at the Kumon Math and Reading Center. I was an Early Learner Assistant, a d primarilt helped 4 to 7-year-olds learn how to read. My junior year of high school, working with St. Nicklaus’ Children’s Hospital – Camp DMC, a summer program for autistic and special needs children of ages 5 to 12. My position as a volunteer meant that I assisted the teacher, a trained specialist, in managing the children. I love writing poetry and I’m currently working on a short story. I was born in India and have lived in 6 different cities since then across the world, including Bedok, Singapore. I’m bilingual but really want to learn Spanish, and I love food :)


Mondays and Wednesdays from from 11 AM to 7 PM, Thursdays from noon to 4PM, Fridays from 4 to 7 PM, and flexible on weekends :)


University of Florida

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