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Shuvam S.

Starkville, MS


Tailored sessions for each student. Mock exams to simulate examination situations.

I am a BS in Aerospace Engineering with a 3.98 GPA. I am starting my PhD from summer in Aerospace Engineering in the field of composite structures. I have been tutoring for about 5 years with available references. I was fearured on the MsState website for my tutoring endeavors. I have previously been associated with SI and have been a TA for Chemistry 1 reciation periods. I have tutored atleast two students in each of the subjects I have listed. I have tutored for 5 years with atleast two students in each of the listed subjects. I have ready references so that you can verify my work ethics. I tailor each seasion for the particular student as different people need help in different areas. I also hold practice seasions and mock exams to simulate exam like conditions so that the student can test their knowledge on the material beforehand. It is necessary to do this since it can prepare you on how to tackle questions with various test taking techniques. I make sure that I can help as much as needed so that you can get the grade you deserve. I like sharing the knowledge I have received from this country. It’s a generous gift I have received as an outsider and this is my own little way of repaying back the great American society.


MTWRF evenings. You can email me for day timings.


Mississippi State University

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