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Smith H.

Independence, VA


Double Major in Econ/Finance on the Dean's List. I love Economics and teach Intro and Intermediate, as well as Basic Finance.

Hey Everyone, I'm a Double in Econ/Finance on the Dean's List (3.8) with a passion for economics and a penchant for communication. My specialty is note-taking and I'm more than willing to help you create your own notes/study materials that are both detailed and easy to understand at a glance. If you're struggling in Econ or Finance shoot me a message and we'll work together to help you reach your potential! I've tutored privately for about a year and passed EC 110 and EC 111 with flying colors. I also recently completed EC 308, FIN 301, and FIN 302 with an A in each. I help my students create detailed study materials that can be referred to during the process of developing a deeper understanding of both Finance and Economics. If either of these subjects seem confusing, send me a message! I like to create notes that make all the important information easy to find while keeping the details right at your fingertips for when you need them. I want to make the frustrated feeling of flipping through a textbook hunting for answers a thing of the past!


I'm usually available between 5PM and 10PM on weekdays and after 1PM on Sundays. Occasionally available before 2PM on Mondays and Wednesdays so don't be afraid to ask!


The University of Alabama