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Sofoklis M.

Syracuse, NY


Econ major. I am all about efficiency, I want to get you on your feet, fast and with the least tutoring sessions possible.

3.4 GPA, sophomore, I have taken Econ high in the IB system, I have aced all my Economics classes so far. I have written a 5000 word research paper trying to identify whether the local souvlaki market was a monopolistic competition or a real world perfect competition. I was an intern in the economic department of the most prestigious hospital in Greece as well as in the accounting department of EY situated in Greece. I have a deep love for Economics as it requires a lot of rational and critical thought and one can easily implement the Economic theories learned in class in real life events.


I am available on Sundays, and Tuesdays from 10:00am-2:00pm


Syracuse University