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Sonika F.

4th year CS major graduating this semester with high honors. 6+ years of experience tutoring specializing in intro CS classes


Hey! I’m a 4th year CS major in the People and Information Internetworks threads. I’m graduating from Gatech this semester with high honors and I’m excited to head to Google in the fall! I’ve been tutoring math and CS for the past 6+ years and love it! I’m always happy to help with homework/ test prep and breaking down concepts, so shoot me a request or message me and we can get started :) Private tutor for the past 6+ years in math and CS. I specialize in helping students with little to no programming experience get the most out of their introductory CS classes. I love helping students break down topics and visualize the concepts! I’m always looking for new students to tutor, so send me a request or message me to get started :) I’m a dog lover!


Monday: before 3pm Tuesday: after 3pm Thursday: after 12pm Friday: 9am-5pm

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