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Seth O.

Beaverton, OR


In highschool I was the TA for our Java course. Familiar with any intermediate concepts in Java and how to teach beginners.

•Freshmen in College •Pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science •Previously was a TA (Through a program called Career Practicum) with Java and Computer Service Support, and specialized in tutoring the students who struggled to grasp the concepts in Java language •1 year as a tutor •2 years with intermediate programming involving Java I approach programming from multiple angles, if the technicality of the concepts are hard to grasp I will offer multiple perspectives to shape the tutoring to your needs, while being able to roll up my sleeves and dive into the knitty-gritty of debugging.


Tuesday & Thursday 4-10 PM (If this doesn't work for you let me know and I will see what I can do.)


Portland Community College

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