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Maegan L.

Boone, NC


I'm a biological anthropology major with extensive knowledge in osteology, forensic anthropology, and bio anth all around!

I'm a senior double majoring in biological anthropology and criminal justice! I'm currently a TA for Human Osteology (which is my FAVORITE) and Our Primate Heritage. I'm going to be TA for forensic anthropology next semester. I'm a senior in college and have been studying biological anthropology for 4 years. I am double majoring in criminal justice but human osteology, paleopathology, and forensic anthropology are what I'm most passionate in. I'm currently TAing for Human osteology and Our Primate Heritage and plan on TAing for forensic anthropology next semester. I spend more time with dead people than I do with living ?


Tuesday's after 5 Weekends Mondays and Wednesday's from 10-1


Appalachian State University