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Stephanie E.

Auburn, AL


Animal Science Pre-Vet Major. Sophomore in Honors College. Happy to help currently with Biology 1020/1027 and Chem 1030.

Hi! I'm an Animal Science Pre-Vet major and I've taken AP Biology and AP Chemistry, so these courses are a lot of repeated material to me. I've tutored before and I've helped a lot of students by breaking down concepts and relating subjects to something they understand. For now, Biology 1020/1027 and Chemistry 1030 are the courses that I can comfortably tutor. Send me a request or message if you have any questions about my teaching style or if you'd like me to help! I have tutored for about two years, and I try to relate subjects to something that the student would understand or I break down the process into simpler components. Message me anytime if you're interested! I took every science in high school that was offered while balancing gymnastics 4.5 hours after school!


Monday: 3:30-7PM Tuesday: 5-7PM Wednesday: 5-7PM Thursday: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 5-7PM Friday: 11:30AM-7PM


Auburn University

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