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Nathaniel S.

Gainesville, FL


Physics PhD student, former TA for several UF physics courses, experienced tutor, love talking about physics!

Heya! I earned my bachelor's degree in physics at Carleton College, and I'm a third-year physics PhD student at UF. I have more than six years of experience with undergraduate physics courses, both as a student and as a tutor and TA. Let's get talking and figure out how I can help! I've been teaching and tutoring for more than eight years. In undergrad I was a physics, math, and German tutor for three years, and I was a TA for the UF physics department for two years. I know how the physics courses work at UF, so I have a few tricks for you. I hope to hear from you soon! Aside from physics, I play a lot of video games (especially Overwatch) and watch a lot of TV, so I'm happy to talk about that stuff too!


My schedule is very flexible right now, but I prefer morning or afternoon during the week. Shoot me a message and we can work something out.


University of Florida