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Sydney V.

I take 6-7 classes a semester & felt best with HTM100 & HTM320. Got high 90s on the tests & have all my study sets still.


Hospitality & Tourism junior with a cumulative gpa of 3.76 expecting to graduate a semester early. Got a 100 on my last HTM 100 test , a 99 on HTM 320 test #2 , and high 90s on all other exams. In both classes I received 100% on all other assignments and quizzes. I do not have any official tutoring experience but have helped many friends. I am also a quizlet enthusiast and share my study sets with friends who have said they helped a lot. Transferred to UMass sophomore year from a school in Nashville where I studied Music Business. Even after transferring schools and changing majors, I still expect to graduate early. I love music and helping people .


Friday days, Sunday nights, all day Monday and Wednesday, and Tuesday and Thursday nights

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University of Massachusetts-Amherst