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Sydney F.

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Gainesville, FL


Hi! I’m a Junior Accounting major & have received A’s in all courses I️ tutor. Love helping others learn and be successful :)

Hi! I️’m a Junior studying Accounting at the University of Florida- on track to get my Master’s in Accounting and CPA. I️ have a passion for helping others learn, love working with other students to help them be successful and enjoy their classes. I️ am very action- plan oriented and strive to explain complex concepts in a simplified, personalized manner. I would be happy to tutor anyone in accounting, business or math classes so feel free to send me a message or request and we can get to work! Tutored students for the past 4 years. Have a wide range of experience on how classes are taught and material is tested- specifically math, accounting, and business courses. I️ am involved in the Women in Accounting committee and have participated in a competitive tax-based case competition for UF. As a current student, I️ understand realistic goals and challenges for these courses and have insight for efficient and effective ways to understand the material. My schedule is flexible so send me a message or request if you’re interested! I️ used to be an engineering major so I️ have taken math classes through Calculus 3 and enjoy looking at situations using problem-solving skills.


I️ am available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and weekends, with flexible times.


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