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Seanna Z.

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Madison, WI


Freshman student, math & computer sciences double major, currently take Linear Algebra, tutored students with Calculus in CC

Hi, everyone! I am freshman student and want to double major in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. I currently take Math 375 in school, and I am able to help you with anything about math under 375(hopefully), which is anything with Calculus, algebra, trigonometry, etc. I tutored students with math problem when I was in Community College. Therefore, I know how to tutor a student, not just giving the answer but also guiding them to work out a solution by themselves! Feel free to request or send me messages for helping! Volunteer tutor for a semester while studied in Community College, tutoring student everyday with 3 hours. I am able to guide student to work out correct solutions by themselves, so they could solve the similar problems next time. I am willing to help you and learn something from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out me for helping! I can read lips! I love mathematics!


I am available on Monday evening after 5:00, Friday afternoon after 2:00(most time), the morning of Saturday before 11:00, and anytime on Sunday except 1:30-3:30.


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Volunteer State Community College