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Taddese E.

Saint Paul, MN


Senior Electrical Engineering student at University of Minnesota, A+s in all Calculus courses and physics courses.

Hey my name is Taddese, I am a student In UniversIty If Minnesota majoring in Electrical Engineering. I am a senior year student. I have a CGPA of 3.89 from SaInt Paul college 3.33 from from University of Minnesota. My aspirations include renewable Energy, Wave Energy, Automations, and digital electronics, I am a member of Phi Tetha kappa. I am very reliable and efficient tutor and have been tutoring students from different cultural backgrounds in various disciplines. I have a 5+ years of tutoring in physics, mathematics, and chemistry. I always have a way to overcome difficulties, even those that seems impossible.


I am available all afternoons from Monday to - Thursday, Friday after 9:00 pm, Saturday after 5:00 pm, and Sunday afternoons.


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities