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Tapan P.

Athens, GA


Biology and Pre-Med Junior! 3.7 GPA, very comfortable in tutoring general chemistry with decent tutoring experience!

I’m a junior who’s been on the dean’s list every semester and am a presidential scholar candidate! I’ve aced both general chemistries and am comfortable in tutoring orgo and most life sciences as well! I have had extensive tutoring experiences with general chemistry and excel in simplifying complex concepts into easy to understand ideas. I take your questions personally and would love to help you excel in your classes! Hit me up with any questions you have and I will be sure to get back to you! I’m an experienced tutor since high school and have excelled in both professional and casual tutoring! I’m also an undergraduate researcher in cellular biology and am an executive member of the American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics so working with other people is no new thing to me! Working on the cutting edge of science discovery has allowed me to gain plenty of practice in explaining newly found concepts to people unfamiliar with the subject! I’m plenty familiar with the daily life of an undergraduate student which helps me understand what exactly students need to know to excel in their classes. No one wants to sacrifice their sleep, free time and sanity to pull off an A in a class and you shouldn’t have to.


I’m available most weekend afternoons and select weekday afternoons. Shoot me a message and I’m sure we can work something out!


University of Georgia