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Teddy N.

Boca Raton, FL


I am a senior at Lynn, and have gotten an A in all the classes presented. Let me help you get that A!

Cybersecurity major, data analytics minor, previous criminal justice major (psy and pol classes). Part of Tri Sigma and the Competitive Hacking Club. Tutored friends throughout my college years. My position in my sorority is to teach the new members about everything Sigma. I am also a tour guide on campus, and have held multiple internships, including a marketing internship for a security and investigations firm in San Francisco. I’m a female looking to get into the cyber security field. I also love my dogs more than anything in the world.


MWF - 1-3, 9pm-12 TTH - 9-12, 2-3, 9pm-12 SSu - all day, except Sunday from 6-9


Lynn University