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Teresa M.

Gainesville, FL


Hi, I’m Teresa and I love tutoring because when the “lightbulb” clicks on, it’s the most rewarding feeling.

I am a first year Business Administration major, and I currently have a 4.0 GPA. I came to UF with AP credits and an IB Diploma, so technically I am of sophomore standing. I aspire to own my own business one day, and I am currently in FWIB (Florida Women in Business) and BUMP (Business Undergraduate Mentorship Program), ask me about them! I am a Marketing Coordinator with StudySoup, which involves recruiting students to become notetakers on StudySoup’s website for $$$ (ask me about this, too!). I have tutored for a total of two years in various math courses and english as well. Message me if you’re interested! I am passionate about helping people and in turn, bettering myself through my experiences with them. I played sports all throughout high school (including flag football, cheerleading, and weightlifting) and was able to manage my time between sports, other clubs and organizations, and my coursework. I graduated with my IB Diploma and 15th in my class.


I am available from 11-5 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and from 3-6 on Thursdays. If the time you’re available doesn’t match up, message me anyway and we can try to work something out.


University of Florida