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Tatianna Z.

Passing tests can be hard. Study correctly with me, an A+ student who is committed to academic excellence amongst my peers.


I’m a Sophomore Psychology Major and Human Development Minor here at UA on the Presidential Scholarship. I have a 3.9 GPA and above a 4.0 Major GPA. My career goal is to get my PhD in Psychology. Involvement on campus is a larger part of who I am. Had a 31 ACT score. Worked in the technology group for UA. Highly awarded and accomplished student. I have been tutoring since high school. I worked in the technology support group for Culverhouse. Currently working in a research lab for Psychology. I work for UADM and am in several honor societies. I can accommodate for special needs and very experienced around learning disabilities. From this, I have learned patience and creativity in my teaching style.


Monday’s between 1-7. Wednesday’s after 1. Thursday’s after 2. Will work weekends.

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