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Veera S.

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Ames, IA


Aerospace and Applied math double major PhD student. 3 years of teaching and tutoring experience at Iowa State University.

Hello, I’m a 2nd year PhD student in Aerospace engineering working on fluid structure interaction research. I received my Masters in Aerospace and minored in Applied Math, here at Iowa State. As an experienced TA and tutor, I practiced different learning strategies. I’m very helpful when it comes to teaching tips, shortcuts esp. in Mathematics, which I learned back in India. I’m always looking for new students to help, so just shoot me a text or get in touch if you’re facing any troubles with the aforementioned courses. Good luck and See you soon! As mentioned before, I have 3 years of TA and tutoring experience in Math and Aerospace courses. I’m capable of easily explaining concepts, through a variety of tips, that help to remember concepts or formulae better.

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I’m usually available after 6 PM weekdays. I’m pretty flexible with the weekends, so do contact me to setup a session time.


Iowa State University