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Vernell A.

Starkville, MS


Theatre and English double major which a knack for writing and solving for x. I tutor all levels of English and up to Cal I.

Hey! I’m a sophomore Theatre and English Double major with a 3.6 GPA. I studied literature at the Mississippi School of the Arts and I’ve had the top score in all of my English classes since kindergarten. I’ve tutored many student in math, the arts, chemistry and biology. I love helping others and I have been told that I make the material easy to digest. Send me a message or request and we can work on not only improving your grade, but also understanding the information completely. Public tutor for three years with various after school programs. I love helping people and I can simplify material for easy understanding and better independent learning. I worked as a TA for college algebra and peer editor in English classes for four years. I’m always willing to help new students of all levels so send me a message or request if you’re interested! I’m a published poet. I lived in D.C. for a few years and then came back home. I love sports, basketball especially. I’m well read and believe in the complimentary power for reading and writing. I’m also a great cook.


Tuesday, Th-Sun.


Mississippi State University