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Ishaan V.

Seattle, WA


I'm a skilled math tutor & have a strong forte in tutoring geometry,algebra,calculus ,differential equations & GRE Quants.

Name - Ishaan Virani .Ms student in Materials Science.Test scores-94% in high school mathematics. Score of 170 on GRE Math TEACHING EXPERIENCE • Home tutor for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for the quantitative section May-Aug 2017 − Tutored a diverse group of 7 students in the age group 21-30 years and having backgrounds in Finance, Arts Engineering and Public Health − Prepared a 3 month crash course training schedule to first build the students concepts in the basic Foundations of high school mathematics and then build their conceptual knowledge through supervised practice of questions that were prepared by myself by taking references from multiple books used for GRE. Provided one-on-one lecture sessions, video lessons, formula sheets for every topic on the GRE, assorted questionnaire for additional practice, assessments of topics where the student made mistakes and gave solutions to tackle those mistakes which enabled all students to score in excess of 90th percentile on GRE Quantitative section I have the knack of identifying work pattern of each student and tailor my teaching to suit each students needs


Everyday after 5 pm for weekdays and entire weekends.


University of Washington-Seattle Campus

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