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William I.

Auburn, AL


I may be a freshman, but I came in to Auburn with 35 credits from AP classes (including 5s on Cal and Chem) and 35 on my ACT

I'm a Sophomore majoring in Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Med track). I currently have a 4.0 GPA. In high school, I was an AP Scholar with Distinction. As I said, I made a 35 on my ACT and 5's on 6 AP exams. I've tutored in high school so I have a decent amount of experience and am eager to work with you! My experience is mainly the 2 years that I tutored in high school, as well at my experience as a student in these classes. Also, I'm a member in the Auburn Marching Band?


I'm free most weekday evenings


Auburn University

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