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William S.

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San Antonio, TX


I am a language major with a passion for East Asian languages (KOR/JPN), so if you need help getting started I’m your guy!

??Hi! I’m currently a sophomore Modern Language Studies major at UTSA with a focus in Japanese. ??Although my focus is Japanese, my favorite language is actually Korean! I taught myself to read and write in Korean in the Summer of 2016, and have continued to learn through classes here at UTSA. I aced both KOR 1014 and KOR 1024, and in the Spring 2018 semester I was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for my performance from the languages department at UTSA. In the Spring 2018 semester, I also placed 1st at the intermediate level in the 4th Annual San Antonio Korean Speech Contest. ⭐️So, if you’ve always wanted to learn Korean, but want to get started before next fall, or you’re not sure if you’re ready to take the class, please allow me to help you get started! I believe the Korean alphabet (한글) is the easiest alphabet to learn and memorize, and I can teach you basic words in less than 30 minutes. ??If you are interested in Japanese tutoring, I am glad to help with that as well! I earned the same Certificate of Excellence in for my semester in Japanese 1, and I have a thorough understanding of basic concepts in Japanese learning. When it comes to Japanese, kanji is my favorite thing to practice and learn. If you need help with kanji, let’s get in touch and I’ll help you practice! ????‍♂️I’m also a pescatarian, and I love k-pop, running, hiking, and baking delicious desserts in my free time!


My availability mostly depends on my schedule for work, but I am ALWAYS available MFW before 10AM. However, just let me know if you need me MWF after 1 PM, or on Tuesday, Thursday, or on a weekend, and Im sure we can work something out!


The University of Texas at San Antonio