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Yareen T.

New Brunswick, NJ


Biology major with 3.8 gpa. Currently tutor Biology. 5 years of experience

Hi! I have been tutoring Biology for over 5 years now. I also currently hold review sessions before exams, and also work for the writing center as an expository writing tutor at Rutgers university. I really enjoy teaching and look forward to working with you! I have 5 years of tutoring experience. I have been tutoring BIology since I was in high school and still currently tutor it. I also tutor writing and Hebrew at my university. I believe that teaching is all about knowing what it like to not understand a concept, which enables the tutor to connect to the student. I am able to break down and simply processes and concepts so that the student could better understand what is expected of them to learn. I think that I am different than most tutors because as a child I was actually tutored a lot... I had a lot of difficulty understanding information at school and needed to obtain outside help. I understand what it is like to not understand a piece of information. Therefore, my weakness has enabled me to develop a strength, which is the ability to make concepts simpler and help students break down information.




Rutgers University-New Brunswick