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Yutong C.

Chapel Hill, NC


Hi, I’m a native Chinese speaker and have one-year tutoring experience in Chinese. I’m very patient and I love questions!

Hi, I recently just graduated from UNC-CH in May 2018 as bio major. Currently I‘m working as lab technician while applying for medical school. I love learning new languages and cultures. I’ve had four-year tutoring experience, including one-year in Chinese, two years in English and one-year in general chemistry. I have two years working experience as lab technician while I was still at school. I’ve been involved in club tennis, hospital volunteering and intramural sports. Running and tennis are my passions outside school and work. My life goal is working with MSF in my 50s.


M-F 7-9pm; weekends 10am-noon


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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