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Zach A.

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I'm a math major here at UCF with 4 years of tutoring experience and I'm very passionate about inspiring a love for math! :)

Welcome to my profile! My name is Zach and I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in mathematics and minor in computer science. I can tutor in College Algebra, College Trig, Pre-Calculus Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Mathematics for Calculus, Calc I, II, and III. In terms of teaching style, I am very heavy on intuition. Simply teaching my student how to algorithmically solve a problem accomplishes nothing. Give it five years and they will have forgotten how to do the problem. For this reason, I strive to teach the underlying concepts of a topic. After the intuition is reached, I will then explain how to do the problem. This same intuition is so vital in calculus courses. All of the courses that precede calculus are heavy on memorization and computation. As soon as students take calculus, they find it very conceptual and unintuitive. Why? Simply because infinity - which lies at the heart of calculus - is a concept that defies all common sense. Knowing this, what I do for my students is use familiar, everyday concepts and slowly build an intuition that gets to the essence of each concept. My goal is to help students understand, one, what calculus is and, two, why calculus works. How about algebra and trig, you ask? Same idea! The most rewarding thing about tutoring is seeing a student light up and realizing that what was once incomprehensible is now crystal clear and intuitive. These moments are incredibly valuable. They increase students' ownership over their learning and are amazing motivators. From there, they feel like they can do anything.


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University of Central Florida