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Zehadi A.

Athens, GA


Biology major with a neuroscience concentration. 3.87/4.00 GPA Enthusiastic about tutoring the courses listed.

Hello! I'm a biology major with a neuroscience concentration. I'm also a philosophy enthusiast. The courses listed are those that I greatly enjoy tutoring. I have the most experience (dozens of hours) and greatest passion for tutoring symbolic logic. The most rewarding aspect of tutoring for me is alleviating students' frustrations and building their confidence in whatever they need help in. Feel free to message me if you would like to schedule a tutoring session in the subjects I have listed. I have over a year of tutoring experience. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge on effective learning strategies. I have also gained crucial teaching insights from reading the research in neuroscience and psychology on memory and learning, which I implement in my tutoring sessions.


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


University of Georgia