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Zulaika Z.

Oakland, CA


Every player needs a water boy :) let me help out! My specialities are papers, research, and analytical reading!

i'm double majoring in Environmental Sociology and Psychology. I'm on the deans list at Cal, I've had two research papers published and I love tutoring :) I've been tutoring for over 6 years. I worked at a Math center called, Kumon (sorry for those of you who did it) and I privately tutored and read essays last year. I was never a strong student but my teachers and tutors gave me the attention I needed to succeed and become a better learner and person. I hope to help others in a small fraction of the way they helped me.


MTWT: 4pm onwards Fri: 10am-3pm and 5pm onwards Any time on the weekend as long as I can plan ahead :)


University of California-Berkeley